Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer {Galy Family | Beach Session}

I first met this absolutely stunning family at their youngest littles newborn session. At that point, I had only done a few lifestyle newborn sessions, and their newborn session turned me to the full love of lifestyle. I had such a wonderful time capturing their life in those early days with baby Weston so when mom contacted me for a beach family session to celebrate Weston’s first birthday I was totally down with it. It took us FOREVER to get to the session though. It rained and poured each and every day we scheduled and rescheduled. I think we rescheduled 5 times, at least, before we were able to actually do the session. But OH what a blessing it was to wait. The weather this evening was absolutely spectacular and we got some of my favorite images of all time.
This gorgeous momma is also a photographer, which is sometimes quite intimidating when I photograph other photographers, but she is such a pleasure to work with! She knew exactly what she wanted and after she told me, relaxed and just let me get it done. And I think the photos speak for themselves because they are so gorgeous.

Enjoy the images!
Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer {Smith Family | Sunrise at the Beach}

When this momma contacted me to book her session, she said the words sunrise and I immediately was like “ummm” because if you know me, you know that mornings are not my thing. I much prefer to sleep the day away and stay up all night. However, once we talked and she explained that her sweet little twins preferred the mornings and she really wanted to get some great canvas images, I understood and happily scheduled her session.
The day dawned, well, not really yet, and I headed to the beach. Y’all, it was still pitch black out. I had a minor panic attack moment that maybe the sun wouldn’t come up and we’d be taking photos in the dark, but then calmed as I pulled up to the beach and saw the very first rays peeking over the horizon.

And y’all, this session is now one of my all time favorites. We got SO much variety. We got the very earliest of light all the way to full sunlight. We went from sweet soft pastels, to bright vivid colors, and I am just in love with this gallery. We spent the morning laughing and playing (and maybe a little yawning on my part.) Since we weren’t on a deadline with the sun going down we even got to take a good break so the twins could warm up and relax a bit more.

I hope you enjoy looking at their gallery as much as I did shooting it. If you would like to book a session with a Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer I hope you keep me in mind! Amanda.dennette@gmail.com

Enjoy! Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer {David | 1 Year}

I have been so honored to watch this little guy grow. Mr. David is such a handsome little guy and I love photographing him.

For this 1 year session, we met up at their home for some cozy family shots and shots of the birthday boy. His big sisters were so adorable and oh you can see how much they love him. They couldn’t stop hugging him and kissing him. Its safe to say this boy is loved by his family.

We started with just a few shots of the birthday boy. Then we moved to more family oriented images, making sure to get some adorable sibling only shots.

Happy birthday, little man! You are so loved!
Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Photographer {What to Wear- Holiday Sessions}

I get a lot of questions regarding what kind of suggestions I would give for clothing options for different sessions, so I decided that it might be time to do a what to wear blog post with different ideas. When choosing your outfits, I always suggest coordinating, but NOT matching. Coordinating colors and patterns give the most pleasing look in images. It also ensures that each individual can stand out with their own sense of style. When matching outfits are used, everyone blends together. While that can be a look some desire, most of my clients prefer to coordinate instead of matching so everyone is comfortable in their own style.

I usually suggest starting with one person’s outfit, and then building from there. For example, you have a super cute dress for your toddler daughter that you want her to wear. Start with that, and then pull elements of her outfit into mom, dad, and siblings clothing options. Maybe there is a hint of yellow in the dress, so mom can wear some yellow jewelry, or even a yellow scarf.

Another thing I love in images in TEXTURE. I love a great textured sweater, or dress. Textures look great in images. Whether its a classic cardigan sweater, or a lace dress, or a fuzzy shirt, I love them all.

One more idea to keep in mind is layering. Layering not only creates a texture look, but it can also create several different looks to your images if you remove or add different layering options. Layering options can be a jean jacket, a scarf, an overshirt, etc. Layers are super awesome in photos!

To help with different ideas I put together several ideas for coordinating outfits for families so you can have a visual guide. Please keep in mind, these are only to give you ideas. Take them and then have fun creating your own outfits to suit your personal style! Feel free to pin them to pinterest if you’d like so you have a quick reference guide.

I love the idea of a neutral base, with a fun pop of color. I chose aqua here, but you can chose any color you prefer!
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

You can’t go wrong with a classic holiday look for Christmas photos. I love the pairing of the red and cream here.
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

I’m a big fan of coral and seafoam green so I paired the two and came up with this super cute and fun family idea.
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

Another color that looks amazing in photos, is green. You really can’t go wrong with it. I chose to use the green as more of a pop color and put it with creams and browns to really make the green pop.
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

I love this look as well. Its neutral, but still has enough texture and pizazz to be interesting. I am a big neutral fan, so this is one of my favorite looks.
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

I love yellow! Its a new favorite color of mine to photograph. I really love the look of a butter yellow and love the way a mustard photographs. Its just so HAPPY. I like it paired with denim, but it could do with brown, navy, or even a cream and still be beautiful!
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

I’m also including just a couple ideas for my twinkle minis coming up.

I love holiday pjs with twinkle minis. I prefer the look of pjs with patterns instead of ones with characters. Remember, however, these are your images and should reflect your style!
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

Another option for twinkles is to embrace the gold and really dress your little one up. I love the look of gold on gold with the twinkle background. Very tasteful and classic.
Jacksonville, FL Photographer What to Wear

Remember, if you ever have any questions on what your family should wear, or if you just want my opinion on your choices, feel free to email me Amanda.dennette@Gmail.com That’s what I’m here for. I want you to have the best photographic experience with me. :)

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Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer {Noah is 1!}

Oh how I love a redhead! When you couple the red hair with gorgeous little dimples and mischievous eyes, its pretty certain that the photo session is going to be the best ever. And that is exactly what we had!

I met Mr. Noah and his mom and dad at the beach for a stunning sunset birthday session. It was the perfect evening! The sun was setting, the breeze was blowing, and Mr. Noah was is great spirits. He seriously got me when he smiled his little grin and those sweet little teeth showed through. I couldn’t get enough of trying to make him smile.

We did a few family images, and then concentrated more on just the handsome birthday boy. I love shooting at this beach because we can get so many different looks in one location. I enjoy beach sessions so much.

Happy birthday sweet Noah! I hope your second year here is just as amazing as your first!

Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer

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