Senior Session


Why do I even need senior portraits?
Being a senior is a major milestone in a person’s life! Not only is it your last year of school, but it also typically is your last year with the friends you’ve grown up with and possibly even your last year at home. Everything is changing and the world is at your feet. Why not document how you are at this moment? What makes you tick? What do you love? The future will get so busy, so quickly, and things change so fast. This is a time to celebrate being YOU!

When should we do the shoot?
Typically, the session should be the summer BEFORE your senior year. However, we can do anytime during your senior year, or even after you graduate. These photos are for you, to capture who you are at this moment in time.

Where would be the best location to have my portraits taken?
Wherever really speaks to you! Living in Florida we have so many gorgeous areas at our disposal. Are you a beach bum? More urban? Maybe you are a country girl at heart. Whatever your style, there is a location I can match you with.

How long will the session last?
Your senior session will last 1-2 hours. We will have a variety of shots and locations. Its fun and super exciting.

What should I wear?
This is a time to really show off your style! Wear what you feel comfortable in. Skirt, cowboy hat and boots your fave? Wear them! Skinny jeans and a beanie? Do it. Though you may want to wear at least one dressier outfit for mom and dad 😉 You can have up to 3 outfit changes, so let your style shine!

Do I need to bring anything?
Bring stuff that means something to you. Do you play guitar? Are you religious? A dancer? Bring anything that you love, you do for a hobby, or sentimental items. If you have one, wear your class ring as well!

Can I bring people to the session with me? Can they be in photos with me?
You definitely can bring people with you. I’d suggest a parent or best friend to help you change. I don’t mind taking one or two shots with mom and dad, or your bestie, but this session is for you!

Okay, how do I book?
Message me either through email:
or through my facebook page!

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