Jacksonville, FL Senior Photographer {Daisy c/o 2016}

Okay, I’m gonna be honest, I can’t find a single shot in this session that I don’t love. I had such a hard time going through the images to find ones to cut, and just ended up not being able to. Sure, there were the few duplicates, but for the most part, I ended up loving every. single. shot.

This is Daisy. Her mama is my hair stylist and is amazing. If you are a past client, please don’t judge her work by my normal “work hair.” If you’ve shot with me, you know, I look a hot mess. But its because I know I’m going to be getting down and grundgy during our shoot so my hair is usually up in its messy bun. With flyaways. And sweat. But when Daisy’s awesome mama does my hair I feel all amazing and beautiful. Plus, she’s super awesome to boot. If you need a new hair stylist, let me know and I’ll give you her info. Like I said, amazing.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, these images. I just can’t choose. All amazing. Daisy is gorgeous. The evening was gorgeous. And it was just magical. Perfect session. I think it was just the perfect way to end a summer before senior year.

Congratulations Daisy! You are a rockstar! I hope you have the best year ever and one day, I hope you look back at these images from your senior year, and remember what a wonderful young woman you were. You have a very bright future ahead of you! I can’t wait to see what you do next! <3 <3 <3 Jacksonville, FL Senior Photographer

I honestly would LOVE to do more seniors so if you are looking for a senior photographer here in Jacksonville, FL or any of the surrounding areas, I would LOVE to work with you. Please message me! Senior sessions are SO fun. And so gorgeous.

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Jacksonville Beach, FL Engagement Photographer {A Beachy Engagement}

This gorgeous little family and I met up at Hanna Park a few weeks back for an absolutely beautiful engagement/family session. You may recognize the littlest guy here as I just photographed him with his newest stepsister a few months ago. When his mom contacted me and asked to do an engagement session, I was tickled pink. I love engagement sessions, and when you put engagement and the beach together, magic can happen. And magic did happen, I think.

I absolutely love shooting at Hanna Park and was super excited when mom, Jammie, decided on it as her spot for their engagement and family photos. When they showed up, I was so excited. They all looked gorgeous in their coordinating outfits. They chose more formal wear instead of the typical beach casual, and I love the juxtaposition of that. It totally worked.

We ended up shooting a few posed shots, and then I just let the happy couple enjoy some time together on the beach. I definitely love the real connection that I captured of these two lovebirds, and this family together. I think candids/lifestyle is my favorite.

Check out for yourself.

Jacksonville Beach, FL Engagement Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer {Grandma and Me on the Beach}

One of my favorite clients messaged me a few weeks back with an idea her mother in law had asked her about. Her mother in law was coming to visit the grandkids and wanted to do a Grandma and Me session. Well, you guys know how I love Mommy and Me sessions, so I was all for this. Grandma just wanted to get a couple shots of her and her grandchildren, and great grandma and her great grandchildren. We planned for an evening on the beach.

Then Florida weather happened and it rained all week, while they were visiting. There wasn’t an evening that week that it didn’t pour. So, we decided to just do the session in the am, instead of sunset, and just go with it. That’s one thing I love about my clients. They are all so chill and just roll with whatever needs to happen.

So we met up one morning at the beach. It was bright, it was hot, but we made it work. I love the look of these images. They are so bright and cheerful, to me. I hope you guys love them just as much!

Enjoy! and if you are interested in a Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer I’d love to work with you!

Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer {The R Family 2015}

I’ve photographed this family for about 5 years now and I can’t tell you how exciting it is when they book their yearly session. I love watching their little one (Not so little now!) growing up, and honestly, these guys are seriously a ton of fun. We laugh SO much during our sessions that I end up going home with a headache and my cheeks hurt from cracking up. This time, we actually didn’t let the end of the session end it for us, we went out to dinner together. I seriously love this family.

We met up for their sunset session at my new favorite spot in Arlington on the river. We’ve done so many locations before so far, so this was nice because they’ve never had their session done here. Working with a family so much, we started to run out of new places to shoot, so I found new spots. No worries, we’ll have a new spot next year.

For now, check out their 2015 session.

Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

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Jacksonville FL Family Photographer {Grayson is 1}

Its always a bittersweet session when one of my baby planner families comes to me for their little one’s first birthday photos. I so so enjoy watching these little guys grow, but I’m always so sad when we finish our last session because I know I won’t be seeing these kiddoes in just a few months.

Here’s a peek at Grayson, through the year:
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

and, our final session for his first year. Happy birthday little man. It’s been an honor watching you grow! <3 Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

I offer a Baby’s first package! So if you are interested in that or just a Jacksonville FL Family Photographer contact me today!

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