Jacksonville FL Engagement Photographer {Surprise Proposal on the beach}

This is totally not my usual type of photography but when my friend approached me about photographing this, I said of course! I met this couple through some church friends and was completely honored to be a part of their surprise proposal.
I headed out to the beach, completely unaware that the Blue Angels were practicing for their air show so I got to the beach and was completely puzzled why there was no parking. Finally I got a spot and headed out to the beach to meet my friends that were setting up where he would propose. I hung out around the area and waited until I saw them headed my way. Then, I just captured the magic, including the Blue Angels practicing over the ocean, which helped me get an amazing image that I know the happy couple loved.


Jacksonville FL Engagement Photographer

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Jacksonville FL Newborn Photographer {Caroline | 6 Days New}

Oh, sweet Caroline! You are so so adorable! I had such a wonderful morning photographing this gorgeous little girl and her gorgeous parents!
Mom contacted me a few months ago to book her session and we chatted for a while. She mentioned that she rides horses and asked about bringing in her English saddle. Um, YES PLEASE! From that moment on, I was stoked for this session. I couldn’t wait. When they finally walked into the studio I almost melted. Caroline was all adorable and smiley. Oh gosh, she won my heart big time!
We started with mom and dad shots and you could just FEEL the love these new parents feel. It was just palpable. They snuggled in and cuddled her and I just told them to act like I wasn’t there. Oh, how beautiful these moments were.
Then we moved to the props (yay, saddle!) and the beanbag shots. Caroline did awesome! What an amazing little family this group of 3 is!

I can’t wait to see them again!

Jacksonville FL Newborn Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer {Carter turns 1!}

This was my first time photographing this sweet little guy and oh my goodness how he won my heart. Those big baby blues just melted me and his smile was so adorable! I absolutely am ecstatic that this family chose me to photograph Mr. Carter for his first birthday! I hope to see him again for his second one, if not sooner!

I’ve worked with Carter’s cousin and his family, so we did get a couple images of the two boys together at the end of the session. They are seriously the cutest boys ever!

Enjoy and Happy birthday Carter!

Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer {An evening at the Park with the H Family}

This was my first time photographing this gorgeous family and I sincerely hope it isn’t the last time because we had such a fun time. We met at an adorable preserve here in the Arlington area and it was perfection. The kids were adorable and so talkative and mom and dad were just so funny and you could see just how in love they are. It made my heart so happy to work with them.

I love getting so many different images for my clients in their galleries. I love family sessions because not only do we focus on family images, but also sibling, individual images, and some of just mom and dad. I know that my husband and I have almost no images of just us together after our wedding photos, so I always try to make sure to get those shots for my clients.

Enjoy your images! I can’t wait to see you again in the future!

Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer {Maisie turns 1!}

I have had the absolute honor of photographing this gorgeous girl’s family from the time her big sister was in mom’s belly until now (and hopefully for many more years in the future) I’ve done their maternity, newborns, first birthdays, newborns again, and now another birthday! I can’t believe how fast these girls are growing and can’t wait to see where they go in life!

We met at my favorite little preserve on a cool weekday morning. Miss Maisie was just adorable in her cute little birthday outfit and was all smiles the whole time. She even gave me a few minutes of snuggle time at the end of the session which just melted my heart. What a sweet little soul she is!

Happy birthday sweet Maisie! You are so amazingly adorable!

Jacksonville, FL Baby Photographer

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