Newborn Session


Why should you have newborn photos?

Newborn photos are done to capture the newness of life. They grow so so quickly there is only a certain time frame to get all the new tiny little details. They are done within the first 2 weeks after birth. They are done to document baby as they are at the very beginning. After a few weeks, they start to uncurl, become more alert, and, well, grow. Those first two weeks are the only time they will ever be that little and the only time we can get the sleepy curled up shots that you see on my site.

Why should I choose Amanda Dennette Photography?

Newborn sessions are my absolute favorite sessions to do. I have over 7 years of experience working with my littlest clients. I’ve even had some of my newborn and maternity images published in different mediums. Safety is my absolute top priority when doing newborn sessions. Having photographed hundreds of newborns, I am well versed in their movements and flexibility. I know what will, and will not work, and I will never put your baby into a position that is unsafe. I will never put your newborn at risk for any reason. If I don’t get the shot, that’s okay. Your babies safety is my top concern. I have honed my skills to not only make sure your baby is 100% safe, but also to create beautiful artwork by using editing tricks. I am always investing my time learning new techniques. I have invested my money to ensure I have the best equipment and most up to date editing programs to make sure the images you receive are of the highest quality. I come in to every session as if it is the most important, because it is. Each session is important and special, because for each client these images are important and special. I want every session to reflect who your family truly is. I want to capture your craziness, your amazingness, and most importantly, the love you have as a family. Every shot I take is aimed at that goal. I want you to love your photos so much that they decorate your walls for years to come. I will give you timeless images of your newborn and family that you will have forever. This is not a job for me. This is my mission in life, my passion. Let me create, for you, magic.

When do we do the shoot?

Newborn sessions are done between 5-14 days old. We want to be able to mold baby into curled up positions and we definitely want baby to be sleepy!

Where is the shoot done?
I do newborn sessions out of my home studio. I’ve thought about offering to come to your house, but I remember those first few days and how chaotic my house was, and can’t imagine having a full photographer and her studio setting up in my home. So to make it easier and less stressful for you, I set up my studio in my house and you come here. I light candles, have soft music playing, and you just come and relax. Let me do the work! I’ve had parents curl up on my couch and fall asleep while I work. My couches are super comfy and totally nap-worthy.

How long does a shoot last?
I always tell parents to prepare for 3 hours, though sometimes it can take a bit longer, or shorter. 3 hours is a good amount of time to plan on. I never rush a baby into position, and sometimes we need to take a little break for a nursing session, or just a quick snuggle. We go at baby’s pace.

What time?
Newborn sessions usually start around 11:00 am.

Anything I need to bring?
Just yourselves and baby! Though, I do encourage moms and dads to bring any sentimental items that you want included in the photos. Bring that blanket that grandma made, or the hat that Aunt Ruth sent, or heck, even your baseball or football helmet. We’ll make sure to incorporate those items into special beautiful photos you’ll cherish forever.

What should my baby wear?
You can bring a special outfit if you want, but generally I photograph your baby the way they came into the world, wearing their birthday suit. I do have little outfits and hats we’ll use during the session as well.

What should I wear?
If you choose to have family photos during the session, I suggest wearing comfy jeans and a neutral colored shirt. Nothing with logos or large graphic prints as those don’t photograph very well.

Do you do sibling photos?
We will definitely get a few sibling shots with big brother or sister! Bring some snacks and something for them to do after their photos have been taken, tho, so they don’t get bored. There are also a few parks close to my house, if dad wants to take the kiddoes there after family shots are completed.

Can I bring everyone with me to see the session?
I generally recommend only bringing immediate family to the session: mom, dad, brother/sister, etc. These sessions need to be calm and quiet so they can go quickly. We want baby to sleep as peacefully as possible so the less people there, the quicker the session will go.

What if I want maternity with my newborn session? Do you offer a baby’s first year package?
I offer several different types of packages for newborn sessions. To view my information guide and pricing please click HERE.

Okay, how do I book?
Message me either through email:
or through my facebook page!
If you have any other questions, please contact me!

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