Photo by Mary Huszcza

Photo by Mary Huszcza

Hey y’all!

I’m Amanda, though some friends call me Mana. I’m the mom to two amazing adorable little girls and the wife to a pretty awesome husband.

I grew up loving photography and was always the girl with the camera, whether it be a disposable, one of the first ever digital cameras that took insanely awful quality photos, or a poloroid (my personal fave because, hello, instant gratification!) Once my oldest daughter was born I realized that I really wanted to take my photography to the next level. I sought out all the knowledge I could find online and taught myself how to use a proper camera to achieve the best photo possible.

When I have sessions with my friends, because all my clients become my friends, I like to have laid back, relaxed sessions. I never want my friends walking away thinking that was a horrible experience and that they had an awful time. Our sessions are going to be fun and silly. I want to capture your family how it is, real. Sure we’ll take posed portraits, but at some point, I will walk away for a bit and just let you interact and enjoy being together, because that is what makes a beautiful photograph.

I really hope you take the time to look around and I hope that you like what you see! If you think that I’m the photographer for you, please contact me and lets get this started! You won’t regret having quality portraits!

– Amanda

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