Jacksonville Baby Photographer | Maddox is 1!

I love this family! I’ve been working with them since Maddox was just a tiny little guy! I first met him when he was 3 months old at his family’s spring session. You can view that session here.
Then, we met for a fun 6 month session on the beach, which you can see here.
The last time I saw him was at his gorgeous 9 month session. To view that session click here.

So today we met up for his 1 year milestone mini session and cake smash. These sessions are always so bittersweet for me. I have been there for all the milestones along the way for baby’s first year, and now, after the birthday session I know I won’t be seeing them every couple months anymore. However, its also such a sweet session because I get to be there to watch as they enjoy their first birthday and see just how much these little people have grown. When you add a cake smash on, that just makes it doubly exciting. I love a cake smash!

Check out Mr. Maddox’s adorable 1 year session.

Jacksonville Baby Photographer

And of course, his amazingly fun cake smash!

Jacksonville Baby Photographer

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Jacksonville Newborn Photographer | Nathan 12 days new

Meet Nathan, 12 days new. Welcome earthside, sweet little guy! We are so happy to have you here!
Mr. Nathan was an absolute dream to photograph. He slept so soundly and was so dreamy. He’s also the longest newborn I’ve ever photographed to date. At almost 2 feet long at our session, I had to take advantage of that and photograph his length! I kept finding myself posing him to show off those long legs.

Still, he did let me pose him all curled up some too. Which, of course, is my favorite. We ended up with so many set ups and poses that I couldn’t include them all in this blog post, but I thought I’d share my absolute favorites from this day.

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer

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Jacksonville FL Child Photographer | What I See

I’ve heard it a hundred times “Why would you go to a photographer? Your camera takes just as good of pictures.” “We don’t need professional photos, our cell phone has an awesome camera app!” And, honestly, that may be true. As a matter of fact, I use my cell phone and editing apps all the time to make my cell snaps look their best. But that’s what they are, snaps.

When you hire a professional photographer, you aren’t just hiring a person clicking a button on the camera. Well, most of the time you aren’t. You are hiring a photographer for their expertise at using their equipment. Their knowledge of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Their work in post processing, whether in lightroom, acr, or photoshop, or a combination of all of them.

Mostly, though, you are hiring a professional photographer for their vision. I can look at something that you may look at and think “Why on earth did she choose HERE to take photos?” But trust me, I see something in that weird pile of bushes, or that odd stack of branches, or that wacky forest. I see art. And that is why I love when my clients hire me, because they see that I have a vision. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my clients to super awkward locations where they looked at me like “Here? Really” and I’m all “Yes! Oh isn’t it beautiful” and then I get that look like this chick is crazy.

But that’s okay, because I totally get it! And I know that once my client gets their images, they aren’t going to be thinking about the cemetery beside where we photographed, or the fact that the session was right beside a gas station, or even my yard. I know that they are going to be blown away and in love with their images of their sweet little ones and family.

Tonight I took my oldest daughter out into my parents front yard. Its just a regular front yard, but I saw the azaleas blooming down by the edge of the road and the street light and knew it would be amazing, especially with the sun setting behind her. So I ran home and grabbed my camera, and a summer dress for my daughter and we ran outside for 5 minutes. I put together these comparison shots my dad took with his (super amazing) cell phone camera and then, the shots I took.

This was taken by their large bush. I just added a few old Christmas flowers that were being trashed.
Jacksonville FL Child Photographer

Here’s beside their azalea bushes near their home.
Jacksonville FL Child Photographer

And finally down by the edge of the street and the light pole. Who’d have thought?
Jacksonville FL Child Photographer

Thank you so much to all of my past, and future clients for trusting my vision. I love being able to bring my art to life.
Jacksonville FL Child Photographer

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Jacksonville Maternity Photographer | Samantha

Oh I love maternity sessions! I especially love those sessions with the couple and their older children. The love that I capture and the anticipation from both the parents and the new sibling to be always fills me with excitement. I enter these sessions so excited to meet the family and learn all about mom’s pregnancy, expectations, plans, and dreams. We always talk and laugh, and its just such a fun type of session.

This session was so amazing and I walked away feeling like I had a new friend. Mom, Samantha, and I chatted like we were old friends. Her sweet little guy was SO amazingly adorable and we had fun playing around. Dad was super funny and had me cracking up the entire time. I cannot wait to meet this little guy or girl in a few weeks for their newborn session! I’m sure it will be just like catching up with old friends!

Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

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Jacksonville FL Mommy and Me Mini Session

I’m so excited to announce these upcoming minis! Mommy and Me sessions have quickly become some of my favorite sessions to do. What is a mommy and me session, you ask? Or maybe not ask, but I’ll tell you anyway. A mommy and me session is just as it states. Its an exclusive photo session for mom’s and their little ones. Whether it’s a first time mom a brand new infant, or a mom teenagers or even adult children, this is a session to showcase the relationship between a mom and her children. As a mom myself, I know I don’t have a lot of images with just me and my children. I’m usually the one behind the camera capturing the moments of my children’s lives, including those moments with their father. I know most mom’s are like this. This kind of session gets us out from behind the camera and in the picture with our sweet little ones we love so much.

This year, I’ll be doing my mommy and me minis on the beach for gorgeous sunset sessions. We will take a few beautiful posed images, and also include many images with mom and children just connecting. This type of session is all about the connection between mom and child.

What better mother’s day gift could you give your mom than the gift of timeless memories captured in beautiful details?

Secure your spot for these special sessions now before they are all gone.

Jacksonville FL Photographer

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