Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer {Penelope is 1!}

Okay, I’m just gonna admit it. This session is one of my all time favorites. I had SUCH a hard time trying to cull these images down to the ones that I would edit because they were just all. so. good. Sweet little Penelope was a true doll. She was so smiley and happy. I just wanted to take her home with me. She is precious.

We met up at one of my favorite areas in the Arlington area for a family/1 year session and cake smash. Miss Penelope really put on a show. She giggled, she smiled, she posed, she just rocked it. From the first second that we placed her on my antique rocking horse to the moment we were all cleaning her up from her cake smash, she was all smiles.

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did photographing and editing these. There are so many photos, but I just couldn’t cut any out!

Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

and of course, the cake smash. What 1 year birthday session would be complete without it?

Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer {Extended Family at Walter Jones}

This family contacted me with an urgent request. They were moving to another state and wanted photos done with their family here before they left. I had an opening for that weekend, so we scheduled. Then, of course this being Florida, the forecast called for rain. Rain, rain and more rain. We were so nervous that our one and only shot to do these photos would be rained out. I rushed to the location, and parked, and then the skies opened up. It poured. Then, the sun came out. Then it went away again. Then back out. Then more rain. It was just another regular crazy Florida summer storm.

We decided to just do it anyway. It was so hot and muggy, and the sun kept going in and out, but nevertheless, we all had SUCH a fun time. We played, we joked, we laughed a lot. The kids even got a yummy treat at the end of the shoot because they were rockstars.

I hope this family looks at these photos and remembers all the fun they had living here in Jacksonville, FL, and I hope they remember this session as the perfect way to end their time here.


Jacksonville, FL Family Photographer

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Jacksonville, FL Homecoming Photographer {Daddy’s Home}

When this mom contacted me to book her husband’s homecoming she made sure to mention that it was going to be big. I’ve done homecomings quite a few times before, and I was all “Oh yeah, I got this.” However, when the day came for the homecoming I realized that when she meant big, she meant massive. This was quite possibly the biggest homecoming I’ve ever witnessed, and definitely the biggest ship. It was such an adrenaline rush to be a part of this homecoming. You could feel the joy and excitement. I always cry at homecomings, and this one was absolutely no different. When those kiddoes spotted daddy, I welled up. It was, just, perfection. A perfect (albeit hot) day.

Welcome home!!!

Jacksonville, FL Homecoming Photographer

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Jacksonville FL Senior Photographer {Kaelyn | Class of 2016}

Man do I love senior sessions! Kaelyn’s mom contacted me a few weeks ago to schedule her daughter’s senior session. We were so excited and after discussing locations we decided on Treaty Oak and Friendship fountain here in Jacksonville FL. This way we could get both the park like atmosphere and also a more urban feel. I love doing these types of sessions because you can really capture how you are as a senior. I love when clients bring things that really speak to who they are as a person, and senior sessions are the absolute best at that!

The day of our session came, and it poured. So we rescheduled. Then the new day came and, it poured again. But we decided to just do the session anyway and hoped that the rain would lighten up. It didn’t really, haha. But honestly the rain made for some interesting photos and we were able to get some playing in the rain done as well, when we weren’t running from lightning.
We did manage to get mostly dry shots, but towards the end of our session the rain picked up and we just rolled with it. Luckily we had an umbrella.

Kaelyn rocked her session and brought a ton of things that are super important to her, like her record player and favorite album. Also, how cool is it that records are coming back?! She also brought a ton of her favorite books, and, my favorite, her polaroid camera and photos of her friends. I’m a total shutterbug so the camera was my fave. I totally had to play with it for a few and now I need one! So so fun!

Check them out! I love this session!

Jacksonville FL Senior Photographer

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